Mini-Reviews LXXIII

Nakata‘s upcoming full-length, Bokanovsky’s Process, is a marvellously challenging musical experiment and improvisation that’s a little over half an hour long. The restless saxophone shreds its way on top of a heavily distorted piano and sets the tone between avant-garde jazz and Middle-Eastern vibes. Although quite punishing for most, the album is very rewarding to those who stay until the end. It’s truly a great, somewhat minimalistic experimental free jazz record! It comes out on April third!
Severance is the upcoming album from progressive post-rock group Glaswegians, from British Columbia, which comes out on April seventh. The … Read more


Nakata is an avant-garde jazz improvisation duo from Los Angeles, California, including Patrick Shiroishi (from Upsilon Acrux, Corima, and other bands) on saxophone, and Francisco Casanova on piano. The project has already many releases on bandcamp, and ‘Now It Can Be Told’ is taken from their upcoming album, Bokanovsky’s Process, which will come out on April third. If you’re somewhat into experimental jazz, musicians pushing boundaries, or just expressive, abrasive, and challenging music overall, then be sure to listen to this track!

‘Now It Can Be Told’ is a six-minute sonic journey, from the intriguing and mysterious start … Read more