Mini-Reviews LXVII

The suffix ‘-gaze’ has certainly been on the rise, lately, and, even with my former disliking of the budding subgenre, I’ve come to appreciate it more and more. Planning for Burial apply the term to a new genre, creating doomgaze. It’s my first time listening to something like this, and I value it a lot, now! Below the House is charged with emotion and heaviness, staying low and slow, with a very raw sound to it. The album comes out on March tenth, and it would be a great idea to listen to the available songs now to make your … Read more

Monthly Recommendations: February 2017

‘The legendary rock in opposition band Thinking Plague has just released their eighth album, Hoping against Hope, after a crowdfunding campaign (I’m still waiting for my due! [Edit: Got it!]) I personally think this is their finest work to date, toppling In Extremis, which I thought was their best one, prior to this. If you’re unfamiliar with the band, be ready to be challenged. The band consists of six members who play instruments ranging from woodwinds to accordion in rhythmically and harmonically avant-garde compositions. It’s truly a treat, and I recommend that every one of you listens to it!’
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