Monthly Recommendations: March 2017

‘The Dutch quartet Kuhn Fu will release their newest album, Kuhnspiracy on March thirty-first. The album consists of highly-addictive compositions zig-zagging through experimental and fusion jazz. The songs are often slow and deliberate, rather calm, too, but go into overdrive from time to time, which really adds to the dynamic spectrum of the songs and makes for a really subjugating experience. This is one release to write in your wishlist.’
Mini-Reviews LXIX.
‘Holy shit.

This is quite something. Prometheus Omega is a self-described ‘progressive rock band’, but I think it would be fairer to call them a vaporgrind band. Their … Read more

Mini-Reviews LXXV

est album – a concept one at that – about the social movement of the same name. On that subject I think it does a great job of contextualizing it and making it accessible to the listener, so hurray! As for the music, it’s also very well crafted and played, and manages to create memorable and epic passages, as well as inspiring and impressive riffs from all members of the quartet. Go get it!
Thanks to Mike for this recommendation! Replacire might be one of the most promising technical progressive death metal bands I’ve heard! They released Do Not DeviateRead more

Mini-Reviews LXXIV

Abhorrent Manifestation is Ascended Dead‘s debut album, and it’s nasty! Their dissonant and fast-paced blackened death metal is sure to consume you inside out. Each of the ten tracks are relentless assaults on your senses, and they are so good! A resonant recommendation for this ugly album!
NodwèsAnima is France’s newest take on progressive electronics, with a soul of ambidjent! The many breaks and different textures of this album makes it a very enjoyable and often surprising experience. For example, the 7/8 motif at the start of ‘Irrégulation’ and that follows through the song is very expressive … Read more

Mini-Reviews LXXIII

Nakata‘s upcoming full-length, Bokanovsky’s Process, is a marvellously challenging musical experiment and improvisation that’s a little over half an hour long. The restless saxophone shreds its way on top of a heavily distorted piano and sets the tone between avant-garde jazz and Middle-Eastern vibes. Although quite punishing for most, the album is very rewarding to those who stay until the end. It’s truly a great, somewhat minimalistic experimental free jazz record! It comes out on April third!
Severance is the upcoming album from progressive post-rock group Glaswegians, from British Columbia, which comes out on April seventh. The … Read more


Nakata is an avant-garde jazz improvisation duo from Los Angeles, California, including Patrick Shiroishi (from Upsilon Acrux, Corima, and other bands) on saxophone, and Francisco Casanova on piano. The project has already many releases on bandcamp, and ‘Now It Can Be Told’ is taken from their upcoming album, Bokanovsky’s Process, which will come out on April third. If you’re somewhat into experimental jazz, musicians pushing boundaries, or just expressive, abrasive, and challenging music overall, then be sure to listen to this track!

‘Now It Can Be Told’ is a six-minute sonic journey, from the intriguing and mysterious start … Read more

Mini-Reviews LXXII

Endon is often described as ‘Tokyo’s most extreme band’, and it’s quite easy to spot why, when you listen to one of their albums – perhaps more so with Mama. They play with noise electronics, grindcore, punk, and black metal to create one of the most in-your-face music out there. Through the Mirror came out on March eighth in Japan, but is going to be released for North America and Europe on June second, through Hydra Head. I bought my digital copy on iTunes, and I guess you could do the same, but, if you want a physical copy, … Read more

Mini-Reviews LXXI

Finland’s TJ0 is an interesting doom metal project. Vége a világnak seems to be their debut EP, and it is set to come out on the fifteenth, even though you can listen to and download it already. What’s special, here, is the importance given to the symphonic elements of the songs. The metal section of the project is nothing new or impressive, but it does the job well and effectively, and then the compositions are embellished by strings, pianos, and brass and other classical instruments. Pretty interesting!
Grand Discovery is another Finnish project, but this one’s latest album, Complex FaceRead more